Portland, oregon

This image was taken following a Love Demonstration with the original Portland branch of PEACE.



Vancouver, washington

At a Love Demonstration in the Vancouver Mall, activists wore duct tape over their mouths while showing footage of the animal agriculture industry in order to represent the victims of this industry who have been silenced.



Woodland, washington

Less than two miles from where this photo was taken in a slaughterhouse that kills over 2,000 cows a week. My first experience in Animal Rights Activism was at a vigil held by Portland Animal Save at this very location. That vigil inspired me to join other local activism groups such as Anonymous for the Voiceless and Direct Action Everywhere. Soon after I formed PEACE: a non profit group of activisms who aim to Promote Equality, Acceptance & Compassion Everywhere.


Portland, oregon

This was PEACE’s first event, titled: Walk for Love. We marched along the waterfront while chanting for animal liberation. Following the conclusion of the march we formed a Cube of Truth with Anonymous for the Voiceless. I was 17 at the time and had been an activist for about a month.


Vancouver, washington

Allie Waldera took this photograph during the first Love Demonstration held by PEACE. Without knowing what to expect, a group of activists entered the Vancouver Mall and stood in the food court peacefully stating our purpose. To our surprise, security allowed us to stay for over an hour.


harmony, oregon

Harmony Farm sanctuary serves as a happy home for many animals. These baby goats LOVE to jump all over humans. PEACE often provide’s volunteers to these sanctuaries.

29543218_577268775984543_2477152164809659078_n (1).jpg

Vancouver, washington

Following our silent demonstration at the Vancouver Mall, those who were wearing duct tape over their mouths removed it and we sang the Liberation Song as a group before leaving the mall.


Portland, oregon

The March for Our Lives was a march organized in response to a multitude of school shootings occurring across the United States. This march was led and organized majorly by students. PEACE participated in this march, as we believe everyone has the right to feel safe and respected, especially in an academic setting.


Harmony, oregon

This was one of the happiest moments of my life.

35527333_594799714224524_2688036811556519936_o (1).jpg

Portland, oregon

Portland activists took to the streets and joined the Pride March.



These images were taken at a gas station. A farmer had just purchased sheep from an auction and was taking them back to his farm. He told us his intent was to kill them for their flesh.



At the Animal Liberation Conference in 2017 a group of activists from Portland found three dogs in a fenced in lot covered in fleas and ticks with no access to clean water. We were able to convince the people who have legal ownership of them to surrender them to us. Within a week they all had new homes.


On 12/9/18 I followed a truck carrying piglets who had just been taken away from their mothers to be sent to a confinement operation where they will live out the rest of their incredibly short lives before being sent to slaughter. I begged the driver and people running the operation to put me in contact with the person who could surrender or sell me at least one of these piglets. They gave me a phone number, which I called but received no answer. I tried to reach out to them on a heart level and explain why I was there and asked again if I could at least spend some time with them. We negotiated a bit and they agreed to let me stand outside of the truck while they were being unloaded. I captured these images and some videos. When they saw I was filming, I was asked to leave. I spend the next hour sobbing in my car. My head hurts, my eyes are dry and my heart aches. Please, I am begging YOU, stop this violence. Help me free these babies. Liberation for all involves us all. 



fairfield, Iowa

I found this pig rotting on the loading doc of a CAFO. This is not the first time I have found dead animals on the doorstep of these prisons.


washougal, washington

PEACE’s first volunteer day at Refarm Sanctuary!

29512860_379281089213783_3869069358440792197_n (1).jpg

vancouver, washington

Activists heading out of the Vancouver mall in conclusion to our love demonstration.


This turkey is one of the Holiday survivors! They, along with 99 others, were surrendered to group Direct Action Everywhere in a historic negotiation. They are now living happily at a sanctuary!


portland, oregon

Images taken by Natan Fridman Rojas at a Love Demonstration with ThatVeganCouple.