There is no up or down

There is no you or me

There is simply consciousness

It our timeless reality

Who are we?

Is that the question we seek?

The inquiry we ponder

As we wander in the streets

Where is home?

We ask in bed

We contemplate the reality

That we invent in our head

But how silly and wonderful

Our joyful lives are

For we have the awesome pleasure

To rediscover who we are

A love story written

By the hand who has written all

In which love forgets herself

And begins to fall

Only to remember

That we has had wings all along

The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

In order to transform the global system of violence into one of peace, we must first begin on our plates. The belief that some lives matter more than others is the foundational prcincipal of every single system of oppression. If we are to abolish these harmful infrastructures, we must challenge their very foundation.